As a specialist in the customisation of outstanding confectionery and strong brand products, we are continuously coming up with new ideas for printed confectionery-based promotional items. At EZ Creation, we as corporate gifts supplier have been ensuring our customers getting the right promotional items they need to reach their target group and leave a lasting effect.

Build up long-term customer loyalty, increase name recognition and strengthen your image through our ranges of sweets and fruit gums from our USA & German associates or through products from other strong brands, such as Dextro Energy, Ferrero, Kraft Foods, Lindt & Sprungli, tic tac, mentos, Pulmoll, Tabasco and many more.

We as corporate gifts supplier have the right promotional items to achieve the desired purpose with the corresponding target beneficiaries. Quality and reliability are our maxims.

We are your specialists in confectionery-based Sweet's Advertising.

We are the sole distributor of the following products in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our Brands